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                                    Raw vs. Pasteurized

 Fresh whole raw milk has been out of circulation for most people in the U.S. since 1949. The myth that milk needs to be pasteurized in order to be safe was created by our government during the World War II era. Sanitation standards now far exceed the standards of that time.

Today's standards for the sale of fresh raw milk are stringent. In Pennsylvania proper testing of cows and their milk must be done before a permit to sell raw milk is issued. Milk is continually tested and cattle and equipment are inspected on a regular basis. Therefore you know that the milk you are drinking is healthy and safe.

Fresh Raw Milk cream contains natural vitamins A & D. Vitamin D is essential for dietary calcium to be absorbed. Skim and 2% industrial milk must by law, be fortified with synthetic vitamins A & D. Hmm, where did the vitamin's go?

Pathogens grow faster in pasteurized milk than in raw milk. Therefore any milk that requires pasteurization is arguably unfit for consumption.

Heating milk above 122 degrees destroys beneficial enzymes and alters the milk proteins and calcium making it extremely difficult for many people to digest thus causing allergies.

Our milk contains no synthetic hormones or antibiotics. Our herd is state certified 100 % Johnnes free!


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