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Our Products
We are the Only PA State Permitted Raw Milk Supplier
in Erie County, PA. We supply Farmstead Cheese & Raw Milk
To Folks in Northwest PA and the Tri-State Area
Our fresh Raw Milk is a non-pasteurized, non-homogenized, unprocessed, natural, probiotic beverage. It tastes delicious and not only is real milk a delight to the taste buds, but it is also very healthy too. Compared to industrial milk, dairy foods from grass-fed cows contain more omega-3 fats, more vitamin A, and more beta-carotene & other antioxidants.

Butter and cream from grass-fed cows are a rare source of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA helps prevent heart disease, fights cancer, and builds lean muscle. CLA aids in weight loss by decreasing the amount of fat stored after eating, increasing the rate at which fat cells are broken down, and reducing the number of fat cells.

Our fresh raw milk will separate in the refrigerator; the cream will rise to the top. You just need to give it a shake to mix all the pure rich nutrients together for a tasty, refreshing drink. Some folks like to skim the cream off for coffee or to make butter.

We also sell farm fresh eggs. Our chickens are free range and cage free.

All our special Farmstead Cheeses are made from the freshest grass-fed milk right here on the farm. Our cheese-making methods are traditional and our recipes old world. We create cheese by the hard work of our hands.

Also available Grass-Fed Beef Hamburger from our fresh lean grass-fed beef.

Milk - $5.00/gal.(your container) 
Eggs - $3.50/doz.
Cheese prices - vary by type of cheese - $7-$12 per lb. 
Beef Hamburger - $10.00 per 2lb. pack

        Open:  Thursday, & Saturday from 4-7 PM

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