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 About Showman Farms
 We are a small family owned and operated dairy farm located along Little Conneautee Creek in Washington Twp. We've about-pic-S.jpgbeen milking happy, healthy cows for six generations. Our cows are happy because they are an important part of our family. Every cow, bull or calf has a name, and they know it. First generation William Showman said, "Hang on to the cow's tail and she'll always pull you through the mud." Well, five generations later we're still hanging on and it's true, the old girls always pull us through.
   Our cows laze about outdoors from April through November munching on luscious fresh grass. Even during the winter months they eat grass in the form of dried hay, so our girls are grass fed girls. It's what nature intended cows to eat. Grass-fed milk is absolutely the best!

     We should know - we drink it every day! 

                                                        Open:  Thursday, & Saturday from 4-7PM

                                                                       Our Philosophy

We believe that animals should be treated kindly, humanely, ethically and have access to fresh air, clean water, green grass and sunshine. A healthy environment and gentle handling grows healthy animals, which reduces disease and the need for medications. We believe that it is our privilege to be stewarts of the land and that we should leave it in a better state than when we got it.                                                                      


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